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Blackberries                                         3.00 lb.
        Thornless variety - Natchez & Ouachita
        Thorny variety - Kiowa
Blueberries   (OVER FOR THE SEASON)         3.00 lb.
         Climax, Premier, Tifblue, Alapaha, Titan               & Vernon
        Brown Turkey & Celeste               2.10 lb.

        Early Girls, Cherry tomatoes, Chargers,
        Mountain Merit, Camero, Chapman &         Cherokee Purple                           1.60 lb.

Cucumbers - Picklers and burpless        .85 lb.

Squash  -  yellow, zucchini, spaghetti, butternut
                                                              1.00 lb.
Peppers - Green Bell, Yellow Bell,Banana, salsa, Jalapeno, Chili                                                                                                                    1.50 lb.

Jellies and Jams     1/2 pints                 4.75 ea.
    Blackberry, Blueberry, Strawberry
    and Pear Butters

Local Raw Farm Honey                         9.00 pt.

​Ice Cream with or without toppings       3.00 ea.

Dill Pickles,  Salsa            Prices Vary

Variety of Drinks and water                    1.00 ea.
Variety of chips                                       1.00 ea.

Other misc. snacks           Prices Vary

We supply buckets for picking.  Then we transfer your berries and vegetables into plastic bags to carry home.  You can bring your own buckets if you like and an ice chest if you need to keep you berries cold.
It would be a good idea to wear closed toe shoes and a hat.  Also sunblock and bug repellent if needed.
​Please feel free to bring a lunch and set on our picnic tables under the shade trees.