UPDATE 6/16/21 
We have some Blackberries to pick today but we are close to the end of berry picking season so please call before leaving to come to make sure they haven't been picked out for that day.

We do still have a lot of 
Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes, 
some (Cucumbers and Peppers) and 
a lot of Fresh Flowers to pick.

We also have PEARS growing that are looking promising.  
They should be ready in a couple of weeks. 
We will post an update as they get closer to being ready.

Open Tuesdays thru Saturdays
8 to 5 o'clock
Closed Sundays and Mondays​

We supply buckets for picking and then transfer everything into plastic bags to take home.  You might want to bring a small ice chest if you want to keep your berries cool on the way home.

First come first serve

We take cash and cards

Please wear closed toe shoes and a hat would be good on those sunny days.

No Pets allowed

Prices are as follows:

 Blackberries                      3.25 per lb.
 Blueberries                        3.25 per lb.
 Tomatoes                          1.75 per lb.
 Squash                              1.15 per lb.
 Cucumbers                        1.00 per lb.
 Peppers                             1.50 per lb.
 Fresh Cut Flowers  1.00 /1.25 per stem
 Raw Farm Honey              11.00 pint
 Farm Fresh Eggs               3.50 doz.
Jellies and Jams                 5.00 1/2 pt.
Vanilla Ice Cream  
        (with or without sauce 3.00 ea.)

Hope to see you soon
The Hamilton's
Berryland Farms

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